October 14th, 2008

full life

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1.  Interesting little game:  Eyeball.  I just got my best average score:  4.02.  I've found it very interesting, tracking my progress; most of the time I get better by the 3rd round, but there are also certain tests that I always screw up. EDIT: 3.11!

2.  I had a fucked up dream this morning, but the more I think about it, the more amusing I think it is.  The chain of events that started with me running into a particularly notable ex-girlfriend - which was doubly upsetting because Kath was in the dream, too - and ended with exploding planes in lower Manhattan is nonsensical, and I couldn't possibly hope to reconstruct it here.  If anything, I think the whole apocalyptic scenario was just my brain's subconscious reaction to what actually meeting this particular person at this point in my life would be like. 

2a.  This is the third such dream I've had this year that ends in an apocalypse.  None of them were related to any lingering 9/11 anxieties, as far as I know, and none of them were necessarily nightmares; they were frightening, but they weren't the sort of panic dreams where I was afraid of impending death.  They were all exceptionally vivid, though.

I was going to write something here about running into exes on Facebook, but I'm not in the mood.

Finally:  happy birthday, Dad!  I'll be calling later tonight.