November 7th, 2008

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My Facebook status reflects that I am currently considering my Top 10 Albums of 2008. I did mention on here a few weeks ago that I was organizing all my musical acquisitions; that complete list is now pretty much complete, and even though we're only in the first week of November I'm already going over everything and making sure I give each eligible album a proper listen.

That said, I'm sure there's quite a lot that I missed. In that last entry I said that of the 110 albums I added to my collection this year, only 30 were albums that came out this year, and 4 of those albums were comedy albums; that's not really a hell of a lot to go over. So, then, I would love hearing from you guys what I missed and what I should check out.

For the record, here's the 26 albums that are under consideration. I believe they will be listed in the order in which I got them. (The 4 comedy albums will be listed also, just in case there's something in that category that you'd recommend.) EDIT: Just realized I forgot one. The numbers have been adjusted accordingly.

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