December 15th, 2008

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In the immortal words of Dr. Pepper, I don't know where to start or where to begin, man.

Since I last posted here, I:
  • turned 33
  • got put on cholesterol meds in addition to my thyroid meds, thus officially ending my "I'm young and I'll live forever" delusion
  • played a shitload of Rock Band 2 with Kath and friends, breaking the 40,000 point barrier in the process
  • flew down to D.C. to hang with my brother and meet my cousin's baby daughter, who might have the cutest smile in the universe
  • considered and re-considered my Best of 2008 post about 100 times
  • finished my Best Games of 2008 post, at least
  • dealt with some crazy work craziness
  • started and finished Michael Chabon's "The Final Solution" in about 45 minutes
I will hopefully get around to posting here on a more-regular basis; I think I just needed a mental break from LJ.  Hope you're all well.