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Pitchfork reports:

Flaming Lips to Reissue, Expand Early Catalog
Only surefire way to milk extra change from Coyne-operated machine

Will Bryant reports:

Restless Records and Rykodisc are teaming up to expand and re-release much of the Flaming Lips' early catalog this fall with two lavish packages that will contain the Lips' first four albums, their long out-of-print debut EP, and numerous outtakes and B-sides, most of which have never been available on CD or on any commercial release. All of the material was remastered with Dave Fridmann and the Lips' Michael Ivins, with expanded artwork and brand-new liner notes from frontman Wayne Coyne.

First out of the gate is a three-disc package entitled Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid: 1983-1988, which will include the Lips' first three albums: Hear It Is (1985), Oh My Gawd!!! (1986), and Telepathic Surgery (1989). The Lips' ultra-rare 1984 debut EP, self-financed and originally issued in a pressing of 1000 on green vinyl, is included as part of the bonus material. While still a far cry from, say, Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, this early material is indeed charming, with a jones for long solos and heavy guitar effects-- and Wayne Coyne's brother Mark (yeah, the Waterbug guy!) on lead vocals. The set also piles on 11 extra bonus cuts including early demos, singles, and compilation tracks. Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid is set to, uh, drop September 17th.

The second collection of reissues, a double-disc set called The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg, collects the Lips' first pairing with Dave Fridmann, 1990's In a Priest Driven Ambulance, along with three B-sides originally released on the Unconsciously Screamin' EP and a treasure trove of hard-to-find Lips material, most notably the first official release of the "Mushroom Tapes"-- thirteen demos and alternate mixes of material from the Ambulance project which have only been available to fans on hissy cassettes and craptastic MP3s. Restless and Ryko are set to lay Jesus Egg on October 11th. I guess this means Amoeba can take the $25 price tags off their seemingly endless supply of out-of-print Lips rarities now. Oh my Gawd, indeed!!

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