February 18th, 2009

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1.  Kath and I had previously attempted to watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me not once but twice, both times without having seen the original show, and both times we gave up about halfway through because we had no friggin' idea what the hell was going on.  Now that we've seen the original series - well, up to the end of what would constitute Season 2, Part 1 - we decided to watch the movie again, and suddenly it all became crystal clear.

We also watched the movie's documentary feature, and aside from being bizarrely edited for no discernable reason, it was pretty interesting and very refreshing to see that the actors in David Lynch movies are often as confused about what's going on as the audience.


2.  My Xbox 360 died suddenly on Monday night; it wasn't the dreaded 3-ringed RROD but just one, but in any event the thing is toast and I have to send it in for repairs.  Which is probably a blessing in disguise, as I've got some music projects starting to take shape.  And also because a friend of mine at work lent me his copy of Final Fantasy 7, which I'd never played before, and now I'll have lots of free TV time to mess with it.

3.  I don't really have anything to say about the A-Rod story; as a Yankee fan, it sucks, and that's as far as I'm going to let it impact my life.  But I will say this - the New York sports media might be the most self-righteous group of holier-than-thou asshats in the universe, and it's more or less impossible to exist in NYC without seeing the 120-pt headlines blaring in your face all the time, and it makes me sick.  As if there weren't a hundred other more important things going on in this world that are legitimately worth freaking out about.  Jesus Christ.  Mike Lupica, you're on notice.  If the media had only been this concerned when Bush was still President, shit might have actually gotten DONE.