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So I actually wrote some lyrics last night on the subway. I don't necessarily know what music they're for, but they're not terrible. It's a start, at the very least. Having been in a Dylan-intensive reality for the last 72 hours, I'm starting to pick up some of his tricks (i.e., built-in structures)... He sets up a rhyme scheme, setting the listener up for the end of the couplet, but what happens between line 1 and 2 is where his genius is. And so the end of line 2, where the rhyme finishes, is more like a payoff or a punchline. Plus cramming 23 syllables in a space meant for 10 catches you off guard.

OK, but still, I've got 8 pieces of music right now with no lyrics, and not really a lot of time these days...

Today has now officially slowed to a dead stop.

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