Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

i succumb to the quiz.

I apologize, folks.

10 years ago, I...
- was a senior in high school
- was having an enormous amount of fun being in Nepera's Children, my high school rock band
- was probably auditioning for various acting schools

5 years ago, I...
- was still in the afterglow of the Yankees '98 season (holy crap, was that really 5 years ago?)
- was working as a receptionist at iVillage
- was probably in my old band Wanna and most likely I was highly annoyed
- was living on Thomspon Street, a little too late for its heyday

2 years ago, I...
- had been dating Katharine for 6 months but hadn't quite gotten the nerve to tell her I loved her
- was rocking out with The Ferns - was probably still having a good time, too
- was living in Queens
- was temping, having quit iVillage that summer

One year ago, I...
- was preparing for my third gig as The Jervo Experience
- was planning on recording my EP the following January (10 months ago, that is)
- was still edgy and nervous but dealing with 9/11 pretty much OK, I think

Yesterday, I...
- did nothing at work
- bought some presents for my family - we do gift-giving at Thanksgiving, for some reason
- beat this one level in Splinter Cell that had been driving me crazy

Today, I...
- am doing nothing at work
- will be taking a bus with my brother back to my mom's house at 6 or so
- will get an early start on pie-eating

Tomorrow, I will...
- take a leisurely drive with my brother to my dad's house for Thanksgiving
- hopefully not crash on the way because I plan on playing the David Cross album for my brother
- eat like an idiot
- hopefully not crash on the way back to my mom's house because I might be in a food coma or drunk or both
- pass out

Five things I have brand loyalty to:
- Sony, but only in terms of TVs and DVD players and such - no Playstation for me!
- Sprite
- Sega
- Yankees

Five snacks I enjoy:
- Triscuits and hummous
- Pretzel rods and Nutella
- Chocolate-chip cookies
- Fluffernutters
- baby carrots

My five biggest joys at the moment:
- Katharine
- Splinter Cell
- Gustav, my mom's dog
- Victor, my nephew
- David Cross

things that still totally enthrall me (as much as they did when I was a kid):
- fireworks
- New York City
- Copland's 3rd Symphony
- video games
- frisbee

things that still scare the hell out of me:
- disease and death
- being assertive

things that I wish I hadn't forgotten how to do since childhood:
- not worry all the time
- lose myself in playtime

things I'm glad I don't have to worry about anymore:
- stupid homework assignments
- puberty
- school dances, and if I'd have a date

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