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Mornin'. Not quite caffeinated yet. For a Monday, the office feels pretty dead. I feel pretty dead, too, but I doubt that the people I work with smoked pot for 12 hours straight yesterday, hardly moving from the couch, alternating between watching hoops and 4-hour marathon sessions of Dreamcast playing. Ah, the weekend....

One of the things I actually succeeded in doing was fixing my 4-track. About a month ago it started losing levels and eating tapes; pretty standard stuff when you haven't properly maintained a 4-track in 2 years. I don't know why I was so anxious about fixing it - most likely I was just nervous about fucking it up, somehow - but eventually I got it working, and now it's not eating tapes, although I haven't tried recording anything.

Yeah, speaking of which, rehearsal went pretty well on Friday. We've got this batch of new songs (4, I think, in all) that are all... I don't know... different than our other stuff. I've had 2 of them stuck in my head all weekend. We're still in a weird bind, though. See, we like to jam a lot, and we all feel that the jams reflect who we are and what we're about, musically (although, in fairness, a lot of them don't always work). Conversely, we also have about 20 or 30 songs, most of which we've stripped all the jams out of, because we're afraid of jamming on stage. Or something. We all love jamming, but we don't want to suck, and we're unwilling to work on making ourselves jam better. I remain convinced, however, that if this band actually achieves any success at all it will be through whatever records we put out and not our live show - not because we suck live or anything, but it's just that I think that our music makes more sense when you can listen to it on headphones and treat it as a whole, rather than just songs. That didn't make any sense, and I don't care. I'd much rather explain it when I'm coherent.

Fucking tired, now. Damn. For some reason, I don't get tired or grumpy until I've already been at work for an hour or so. It might be time for a smoke break - although I have to wonder if my body really needs any more nicotine....

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