Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Crazy dream this morning, in which, even though I graduated high school, there was a "missing" semester which I needed to retake. Me, JDixon and others had to go back to school - for some reason, none of us had cars, and we were all deeply ashamed about having to take the bus...

...When I got to the school, I realized that I had forgotten what classes I had to take and where those classes were located - I had also forgotten both my locker combination and the actual location of the locker. I somehow found my way to the principal's office to get my schedule... they directed me to this mysterious, ghoulish man who took me to a side exit and into this really gothic fountain, whereupon he pulled on a tree branch which opened up this tunnel. I had to put on scuba gear - the tunnel was filled with this orange amniotic fluid, sorta like Tang.

At this point I woke up. Too strange. And impractical. The whole time I was putting on the scuba gear, I was asking the ghoulyman why on earth would the school keep its records underwater in a secret passage? He said, "Don't ask me, man, that's just the way it's been done."


Bought Kath's xmas gift yesterday; I won't talk about it until after Xmas, though. (ha! I accidentally typed Xbox instead of Xmas!)

Then I went crazy and bought 3 more Xbox games: Amped, Rallisport Challenge and Tiger Woods Golf. The last 2 rock; Amped, not so much, but it was super cheap.

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