Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

M. Night Shyamalamadingdong

Last night Kath bought the Signs DVD, which neither of us had seen; it's a pretty good flick. Due to my vast amount of free time at work, I'd scoured the net for spoilers a long time ago and so nothing really surprised me; and yet I was still sucked in. And it was cool to see Mike Showalter pop up. That is the 2nd coolest State cameo ever, right behind Tom "T-Bone" Lennon's appearence in Memento. Good fun, even if Earth is made of 70% water, which sorta makes the whole thing a little strange.

The GOP makes me sick. jongre posted this earlier today. Par for the course. What was that Onion "What Do You Think?" line a few months ago, after the election? "They say you get the government you deserve, but I don't remember knife-raping any retarded nuns." Bravo.

This morning I was watching NY1, and Rumsfeld came on to talk about the whole Iraq thing and the North Korea thing. He actually said this: "We don't have to go to war in Iraq. If Saddam Hussein left office, this whole thing would be over." No wonder Hussein's pissed off; Iraq is about to get the shit beaten out of it, and meanwhile North Korea gets to negotiate. And that North Korea guy is fucking INSANE. Dave Barry, during one of his "fake" presidential campaings, said that he'd do away with the Department of Defense and replace it with the Department of Two Guys Named Vinny. Frankly, this whole thing could be avoided if Kim Jong II took a "nasty spill in the shower", don't you think?

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