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I'm in a strange place

Today's my first day at my new temping gig, and I'll tell you, I'm a little uneasy. It's this absolutely beautiful office on 53rd Street, fully stocked with all the food and beverage and snacks you could possibly want. I've been told that the main guy I work for is a little crazy - I haven't yet met him, though, he won't be in for another hour or so...

I can't really explain why I'm so uneasy, except that it seems like I'm not gonna be able to get away with fucking around nearly as much as I have. At the last gig, I could pretty much just scratch my ass all day and not worry about it... this place just oozes paranoia and fear. I won't be downloading the LJ client, that's for sure... I'm not even sure how much regular LJ-ing I can get away with, either...

So if I'm silent for the next 2 weeks, just bear with me... I'm alive, I just can't prove it.

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