Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I'm sorry for fighting in your journal. I was taken aback by some of the things you said about me, though, and my pride was injured, and I got remarkably pissed off about it. I'm sorry, though, and I'll keep my mouth shut - until the season starts, anyway.

1. I can't believe I'd owned Built To Spill's "There's Nothing Wrong With Love" and not listened to it for a year. What a sick, sick record.

2. "Carter Beats The Devil" is a fantastic book, and it's the sort of book where you just know that the movie will kick ass, too. Generally I read books very quickly, and I pretty much devoured this book in about 8 hours, all told.

3. I'm currently reading "The Recognitions," which is pretty much exactly the book I need to be reading right now. In the last year or so I've overcome a wierd sort of phobia about defacing things that I've bought and finally allowed myself to develop the habit of highlighting phrases or paragraphs that for some reason or another resonate with me; I've already ticked off about 5 or 6 such phrases in the opening 10 pages. Gaddis rocks, and I hope that his attention to language will serve as a catalyst for my own lyric writing.

4. The Sea and Cake's new album is apparently out today.

5. It was great seeing Hilary, back from the Peace Corps; hopefully she'll move into the city soon and we can hang out on a regular basis. At her welcome home party, I saw 4 other people from high school that I hadn't seen since, oh, say, 1994. 3 of them are engaged. Wild stuff. I got pretty snockered on maragitas and somehow managed to not die from the cats.
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