Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I just lost an entry, but it wasn't LJ's fault. It was this shitty computer's fault. It randomly decided to crash my browser, and even though I had Ctrl-C'd my entry, it still vanished. Oh well. I wasn't done yet, anyway...

1. In the lost entry mentioned above, I had gotten down to #3 on my daily 1-5 list. #3 just happened to be about this list, and how it just sorta naturally evolved over the last 2 years. (Jesus, I've had this LJ for almost 2 years now.) It's become an unconscious writing exercise - no matter what, I've got to find 5 things to write about, no matter how dumb or short or whatever. This is good practice, considering that the main reason why I've had such a tough time with lyrics is because I "don't have anything I want to write about." And writing lyrics will come in handy, because...

2. ...if all goes well, and those bastards at Guitar Center weren't lying to me, then tonight, after work, I will go to said GC and buy my new machine. They've been cockteasing me for a week with this thing, and it's been driving me crazy. I haven't been this excited to write and record in years. I've been so excited to write and record...

3. ...that, of course, I've also been on a CD-buying binge of somewhat ludicrous proportions, recently. I bought 4 more last night:

  • Cat Power, you are free

  • Glifted, under and in

  • Coldplay, rush of blood... (I don't know why I'm reluctant to like these guys.)

  • Directions in Music (Bundy Brown, Doug Scharin, James Warden) In the height of my late-90's obsession with all things Chicago and post-rock, I would buy anything that was even remotely related to Tortoise or The Sea and Cake. I'd owned this particular album twice, both times having lent it to my old roommate Kenny, who managed to lose them both. I wasn't expecting to find it, but there it was, and so it's mine yet again, and Kenny will never know.

  • 4. I'm a die-hard Yankee fan, and I've gone to wierd lengths to defend Steinbrenner much to the chagrin and outright annoyance of Yankee-hating friends of mine, but even I'm getting annoyed with George and his ridiculous feud with Derek Jeter. Well, lemme clarify that - I'm annoyed with George, yes, but I'm even more annoyed with the fucking stupid NY tabloid sports media. That said, I'm getting baseball fever in a huge way.

    5. I was about this <---> close to calling in sick this morning, in order to spend a whole extra day with my toy, and I stopped myself because, for some reason, I felt guilty. And I said this out loud to Kath - "I feel guilty for not going to work to do music. I especially feel guilty because nobody's there this week, which means that they'd have a really hard time finding someone to cover my two lawyers." I think I need a vacation.

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