Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Monday mornings generally suck, but not when you get an e-mail from jongre announcing the arrival of this year's fantasy baseball league. I feel pretty confident that my team, the Corporate Insanity, will, as usual, make a solid run at 6th place.

2. So I got my machine on Friday. It's a beast. Yes, it does a zillion things, all of which will eventually come in handy; it's also really fucking difficult to use. I successfully recorded 4 different things - one actual, tracked song (without any guitar overdubs, though), 2 loops and 1 loop with live vocals. All very basic stuff, nothing complicated at all - and I didn't even try to deal with the editing/mixing/mastering/CD Burning aspect of it. That said, it was nice to spend the weekend working on music-related stuff.

3. However, because it was so frustrating, I took lots of breaks. And I just wanted to mention that I finally beat this one level of Splinter Cell that had been driving me crazy for months.

4. Getting back to (2) - it occured to me that tracking a lot of my new songs would be awfully boring and sorta difficult, since everything is looped. I know that there's a way to cut-and-paste with this machine, which I'd eventually like to learn how to do, but it was just too goddamned complicated to deal with this weekend. Anyway, now that I have a real-deal machine, it'd be nice to get back to non-looping songwriting techniques. It'd be nice to get back to writing songs again, period...

5. Watched Metropolis with Kath this weekend, too. Wow. Sure, the story is a little hokey, and the acting is pretty melodramatic, even by 1927 silent film standards, but everything else is astounding. The digital restoration is stunning, which makes the actual cinematography that much more breathtaking. Wild, wild stuff.

6.(?!!!) Most of the weekend was spent with another unexplained prolonged anxiety attack. There seems to be some sort of muscle spasm in my left pec that feels like an irregular heartbeat, which just got me totally worried and freaked out. It occured to me, however, that I haven't smoked pot in a while, and that it might just be some withdrawl symptoms - I did feel similar sensations when I quit smoking cigarrettes last year.

7. Kath and I succumbed - we ordered the Gazelle. Yes, that wierd machine with that crack-addict mullet-wearing maniac. But, shit, it'll be some sort of exercise....

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