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1. I guess there was a part of me hoping to make my 1000th LJ entry something spectacular; alas, there is nothing spectacular to report, and I'm not really feeling up for any sort of "then v. now" recap. Work has been incredibly dull the last few days, and the dullness has invaded the rest of my life, too. Aside from making an incredibly stupid trade in my fantasy baseball league which got me remarkably bent out of shape, there's been very, very little going on that bears any sort of reportage. Still, I will endeavor to come up with 4 more things to write about.

2. I finally decided to give up on "The Recognitions", which I'm sad about because I hate not finishing books. But I had to. It was going nowhere and I couldn't read more than a paragraph or two without getting incredibly confused. Instead, I'm reading "House of Leaves" for the third time. I was going to re-read "Infinite Jest" again, but it's just too goddammed big to lug around.

3. Just got tickets for The Sea and Cake, April 18th, Bowery Ballroom. Oh yes.

4. Craigslist band #2 is rapidly approaching the "Flake Limit". They e-mailed me a couple days ago saying that they were moments away from closing a deal on their own rehearsal space, which would sorta imply that they could schedule a rehearsal at any time. I replied, "Great! Let me know when you guys get something together, I'm there." I haven't heard anything since. If anything, though, I spent a few hours on Monday playing around with some of my guitar toys in an effort to conjure up some wierd sounds, and I was able to come up with quite a few, which leads me to #5...

5. I think tonight I'm going to record some older songs of mine, with some of these new sound effects in tow. I went through some of my older notebooks and found some song ideas and sketches that I'd completely forgotten about. Ah, those were the days, when I was prolific enough to have enough songs to forget about a few of them...

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