Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. The newest in extreme sports - Extreme Ironing.

2. The YES Network is basically pornography for Yankee fans, except when Bobby Murcer is one of the broadcasters. Bobby might just be one of the most inarticulate broadcasters ever - he mangles pretty much every utterance - and on the rare occasion when he does manage to mumble something coherent, it's usually something that Michael Kay, Jim Kaat or Ken Singleton just said, only dumber. This is the long way of saying that my preferred method of watching a Yankee game is with the sound off and the radio on. This is, in fact, how I watched the first few innings of last night's game (until, well, the incident). The problem, though, is that there's about a half-second delay between the radio and the TV, which means that the radio announces "Ball!" or "Strike!" or "It is High... It is Far... It is GOOOOONE... A Grand Slam for Alfonso Soriano" at the exact moment that the ball enters the hitting zone, which basically ruins the suspense. It's sorta like being psychic, actually, but dumber.

That's all. I'm pretty busy today. There's some family wierdness happening, so I'll get to that later.

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