Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. At some point today, I'm hoping to post some pictures from yesterday, when I met my new 6-year-old brother.

2. It was a great weekend all-around, actually; lots of recording, Beatles Anthology watching, fantastic herb smoking. Also bought the new Harry Potter DVD (blah) and the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? DVD, which I didn't get a chance to watch yet.

3. My fantasy baseball team, the Corporate Insanity, is currently in 2nd place. As this will most likely be the highest my team gets all year, I just wanna give it a shout out.

4. jongre, my fellow hip-hop partner in crime and skevnari brother, posted the following fun info about our website: " got over 16,000 page views last month. That's the biggest month we've had since we were featured as Worst of the Web last year. Matter of fact, so far in 2003, we have over 40,000 page views. It blows my mind that we get so much traffic for some stupid-ass bad scrabble hands webpage..."

5. 8 MINUTE ABS are the killa. But I'm determined to lose this gut, one way or the other. You should've seen me this morning - I was the absolute picture of weakness and ineptitude, and now my stomach hurts.

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