Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

First, a shout-out to some LJ peeps.

1. calliste - I believe that you have some fascination with Google logos. Here, then, are some more.

2. nothinganything linked to some amazing paintings.

3. stereogum, who's been rockin' out with links lately, pointed out that the new Blur album can be streamed here.

And now for more Jervo-centric news.

1. Very tired today. For some reason I got caught up in the epic 5-OT Stars/Ducks game. That's a lot of hockey. Goddamned Anaheim!

2. The audition last night was kinda lame. It was just me and the drummer, as I mentioned yesterday; the singer was not there, and the drummer was basically looking for people who the singer would respond with, musically speaking. Which I suppose is one way to do it. The other way is to actually have the singer make up their own mind and participate in the audition process, but that's beside the point. The drummer and I like a lot of the same bands, and we sorta goofed around on some TSAC covers. But beyond that, there was no chemistry and it just felt wierd. They're basically looking for a guitarist and bassist to write all the music. Which is fine, but the songs I've already written were intended for me to sing, and it felt wierd presenting them and not being able to sing along. Also, the drummer can't maintain tempo for shit, which is sort of a problem, and he wasn't really into improvising, which is also sort of a problem. I eventually sorta just clammed up and half-heartedly jammed a bit, but everything started to sound the same and we called it a night after about an hour or so. In all, a little discouraging, as I'm still apparently not confident enough in my own material to show it off.

3. Tonight - my mom and stepfather are taking me and my step-siblings to see the new Woody Allen play, which I'm not awake enough to start looking forward to just yet.

4. I've been reading McSweeney's "Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales", which are really, really good. None of them thus far are all that thrilling, but they're all quite interesting and well written.

5. Possible Ridikillis/TingyTing recording session this weekend? That would be fun as hell.

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