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finally, a real survey.

Fill in the blank section. You have 60 minutes to complete. Use a No. 2 pencil only.

1) Each year I donate __________ to charity.

2) My favorite flavor of ice cream is __________.

3) Upon entering the Witness Relocation Program, I would change my name to __________.

4) I once saw a girl with __________ in her __________.

5) I put __________ in my burritos to make them easier to digest.

6) __________ was this country's 16th president. S/He ruled the land with an iron __________.

7) Luke ... I am your __________.

8) I never get tired of sleeping on a large pile of __________ surrounded by many beautiful __________.

9) __________ is too old to play hockey. S/He should retire again and go back to owning the __________ Penguins.

10) Oh __________! I just spilled __________ on my __________. Hand me a/n __________ before I __________ you so hard __________ __________ __________ __________ ass.

11) I pee __________ times a day.

12) My bologna has a first name: it's __________.


I always knew someday I'd grow up to be a/n __________.

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