Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I was going to do that compatability thing, but the site won't load for me. It didn't load for me yesterday, and it ain't doing it today, so I'm giving up on it. And now I'll never know...

2. There's been very little going on in the world-o-Jervo these days. Tonight Kath and I put a down payment on the wedding site; beyond that, there's been little to no activity. I played Vice City to death, so at least I have gaming out of my system. But I've not been doing anything music-related.

3. In the beginning of the season I was watching Yankee games obsessively; they went 18-3. Then I stopped watching; they went on a huge slide. I've watched the last two games which they won (although last night's game made me sick and I actually didn't even see the bottom of the 9th, because I had turned off the TV in disgust). But I'd like to be able to know that they can win a game without me watching - because at some point this year I would like to start writing music again.

4. Pitchfork reviewed a new Lilys album; I must get it. I hope it's available here; Pitchfork has a tendency to write glowing reviews for albums that are next-to-impossible to find (i.e. Broken Social Scene).

5. Mr. Show - Season 3 will be released on DVD in late August, but even more exciting is that New Line will finally release Run Ronnie Run in September on DVD as well.

De La Soul kicks ass.

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