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Oh, I'm in rough shape this morning/afternoon. My tooth is throbbing. I haven't had a full night of sleep in a while...

I was supposed to go out last night but the tooth was killing me, and I didn't feel like drinking and being grumpy at a party, so I stayed home, smoked waaaay too much pot, and grumped my way through the Yankee game and some pretty cool 4-tracking sessions. I haven't recorded in what feels like months; I did 2 pretty cool things yesterday. Unfortunately, my little tape recorder isn't recording anything anymore, so until I get a MIniDisc player thing happening, everything is stuck on my 4-track.

Oh yeah, now I remember why temping sucks. The last 3 weeks I've only been given 4-day assignments, which is great in terms of long weekends but SUCKS in terms of paychecks. I just finished paying two (2) bills and I'm down to just barely over $100 until Friday. Weak.

"Fellowship of the Ring" is actually quite good; my "inner snob" has been thwarted and I'm totally hooked in. NOW I can't wait for the movie.

Lots of good records coming out soon, including:

Radiohead (6/5)
Beta Band EP (6/12), Hot Shots II (7/3)
Built to Spill (6/19)
Tenacious D (7/17)
Radiohead EP (7/24)
Elvis Costello re-releases of My aim is true, All this useless beauty, Spike (8/7)
Bjork (8/28)
D-Plan (10/2)
Elvis Costello re-releases of Brutal Youth, Blood and Chocolate, This year's model (10/16)

plus new Church, DCfC, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Nathan Larson, Jim O'Rourke and Jeff Tweedy, Portishead, Spiritualized, Sigur Ros (Cd and DVD...?!), Spread, Stereolab, Ween (and a rerelease of God Ween Satan)... oh man.

PLUS there's all sorts of DVD goodness on the way, and I don't even want to think about the dent that's gonna put on my wallet...

By the way, "Memento" ranked #8 on the box office this week (up from #10), even though it's still in like only 240 theatres and there's pretty much no advertising besides word-of-mouth. I'm torn about that, because I want it to do really well, but I also want it to come out of theatres immediately so I can get it on DVD.

Today has been incredibly stupid thus far. There are some new updates to the Heybro Scrabble page.

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