Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Late on Friday afternoon I was bored and contemplated posting a list of my favorite concerts; I bailed on it, though, because my ticket stub collection was at home and for the most part all my favorite concerts took place at Irving Plaza, which just kinda makes the list look a little dumb.

Then I was considering making a list of my favorite albums, but that changes every other week.

So, instead, here's a list of the most important and influential records in my life. Again, let me reiterate - these aren't necessarily my favorite records, just the ones that rocked my world the hardest. In no particular order:

1. U2, "The Unforgettable Fire". This album, essentially, is why I'm pursuing rock and roll as a career. It inspired me to write songs, it inspired me to learn how to play guitar, it inspired me to get effects pedals, and it inspired me to kick the guitar's ass. Which might be a little strange, in that The Edge plays pretty delicately and texturally. I remember lying on my bed and listening to "Bad" and just really flipping out over how awesome the guitar line is and how expressive the song is, even though it's really simple. Bono is annoying, sure, but for an impressionable 12 year old, it was enough.

2. The Sea and Cake, "Nassau". When I heard this album for the first time, I loved it so much I ended up not being able to write any music for about 2 years. Totally rocked my world in terms of songwriting, production values, vocal delivery, guitar arrangements, John McEntire's drumming... is there anything left? If there is, it kicked my ass too.

3. Beastie Boys, "Check Your Head" / Peter Gabriel, "Us". Even though these records couldn't be more different, they both came out at around the same time and are basically the soundtrack to my freshman year at college. Which kinda makes sense - the BB record inspired the social scene, and the PG record was perfect for late-night "I-can't-believe-I'm-in-college-and-I'm-all-freaked-out" sessions.

4. Radiohead, "OK Computer". Well, duh. I think this record freaked everybody out. In retrospect, I like "The Bends" better, but at the time... sheesh. Like I even have to talk about this record.

5. Sonic Youth, "Washing Machine". This was the record that finally got me turned on to SY, and with it an appreciation for noise. Yes, I know it's much cooler to say "Daydream Nation" or "Evol" or "Sister", but that's your list, not mine. Besides, this record has "Diamond Sea" and "Unwind" on it, which are fucking awesome.

6. Pavement, "Brighten The Corners". Again, now that I've heard everything, this record is kinda forgettable, but it hooked me into what they were about, and that's a good thing. Talking about Geddy Lee is pretty cool, too.

7. Genesis, "Selling England By The Pound". Besides being my favorite album in high school, this was Genesis at their least annoying. This was back when PG was still in the band and Phil Collins hadn't yet gotten in touch with his inner weenie. Even though they were prog, they were good prog. "I Know What I Like" is awesome. "Cinema Show" is insane. I loved this record immensely and tried to learn all the piano parts, which is pretty much impossible.

8. Jimi Hendrix, "Electric Ladyland". Besides being the soundtrack for my first successful pot-smoking experience, this album just totally punches you in the face.

9. The Beatles, "Abbey Road" / "Revolver". This is close. Both records have rocked my world at different points in my life, "Revolver" most recently. I've been wanting to cover "Tomorrow Never Knows" for-fucking-ever.

10. Buffalo Tom, "Let Me Come Over". This was the soundtrack for the rest of my college years. Every single song on it is amazing. I've covered "Larry" by myself a few times, and there's a pretty stupid story about how I got them to play it at a show, which, because it's so stupid, I'm not gonna bother with.

OK. Enough time wasted. I'm gonna get some snacks.

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