Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. I've gotten over my initial obsession over the Broken Social Scene record enough to give the new Radiohead a few spins, and it's ok. It's not bad, certainly - in fact, it's probably the most solid album they've ever made, in terms of not having any weak moments - but it's not the mind-blowing aural assault that I expect from them. And that's not their fault, really - I think it's a combination of two things: (1) OK Computer was a revelation, and Kid A and Amnesiac were brilliant, experimental "fuck-you"s to the music industry, and so they don't really have any new ground to carve out, as far as I'm concerned. Consequently, there's no sense of urgency to be found on this record, which is what made the previous 3 so compelling; and (2) there was a time when Radiohead was the be-all, end-all for me, and that time ended a year or so ago when I started liking other things. Anyway, it's a good album - maybe I'll call it great in a few months - but it hasn't sunk any hooks in me the way the last 4 have.

2. Broken Social Scene is playing the Mercury Lounge tomorrow and Friday - as Friday is Kath's birthday, I've gotta go tomorrow if I go at all. Anyone interested? This is sort of an impromptu thing, but I've absolutely got to see them live.

3. Claratin-D might be great in terms of stopping allergies, but it totally fucks me up. Puts me in a very, very anxious state. Not fun at all.

4. The Kath-Jervo wedding train plows on ahead; we've got a photographer, florist, and minister lined up. Tonight I call the rabbi. At some point I'll deal with the DJ situation, which I dread.

5. After dealing with the florist last night, Kath and I randomly decided to see "Finding Nemo", which was absolutely wonderful.

6. Finished "Lonesome Dove" last night; what a fucking great book. I might have to get the sequels now. Debating what to read next; a 6th re-read of "Infinite Jest", this time with notation? a speed through of the first 4 Harry Potters, so as to let the bookstores get some new #5s in stock by the time I'm done? Or maybe I should try to write some music again...

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