Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1. Saw Broken Social Scene last night, which was notable for several reasons:
  • Strangely enough, it was the first concert I've ever seen completely by myself

  • One of the best concerts I've ever seen

Sure, I'll admit that I'm obsessed with this band and thus an easy target to impress. But I've seen a few bands that have made incredible albums that sucked live (Modest Mouse, I'm looking at you - and Flaming Lips, I'm DEFINITELY looking at you, you non-drummer-having bastards), and I was certainly prepared for them to suck last night. I mean, there's 10 people in the band, and the Mercury Lounge ain't that big, and the record is so dense and has so much going on that I figured they'd just do a loose, stripped-down approximation. Well, was I ever wrong. If any of you have actually heard "You Forgot It In People", let me blow your mind by saying that they might as well have recorded it live. Yes, that's right. They somehow managed to recreate all the craziness and the wierdness and the vocal effects, and then they jammed. They also played 2 or 3 non-album songs, which were incredibly and ought to be released as soon as possible. People, please - they're playing again tonight and if you're in town you ought to go. If it weren't Katharine's birthday I'd be there again. Shit, Kath has to get up really early tomorrow, I might just go anyway after dinner.

2. I think I'm gonna get Xbox Live this weekend. Not definitely, but maybe.

3. I got Katharine some cool stuff for her birthday - the Mr. Bean DVD collection (of which we watched a bit this morning) and a Polaroid Instant Camera, with which we will be taking photos for our centerpieces at the wedding. We originally wanted to do an Amelie-type thing, where we photograph our gnome in front of various places of notable Jervo/Kath interest (where we met, etc.), but we might change it up a little bit.

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