Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

You know what? I'm in a fucking great mood this morning. There's a spring in my step that I haven't had in months. Is it (1) residual glow from Kath's birthday dinner on Friday? Is it because (2) I finally got Xbox Live? Is it because when I got Xbox Live at Best Buy, I noticed that (3) they had about 70 copies of Harry Potter 5 that nobody had noticed, so I was able to snag one with a minimum of fuss? Is it because (4) I had a fantastic recording session with the new band yesterday? Is it because (5) the Yankees swept the Mets?

Yes, but mostly I'm happy this morning because at this very moment, it's in the mid-70s, and it's not raining.

To recap, however:

1. Kath's birthday dinner was incredibly fun and delicious. There was a pseudo-surprise involved, although we kept everything relatively low-key. In short - great food, great company, lots of wine, good times.

2. Kath's theater group had a 5am call on Saturday morning, which meant that I had an empty house. Empty house = perfect opportunity for Xbox Live geekery. I got up early and made it to Best Buy about 10 minutes after they opened; picked up a 100ft cable, Midtown Madness 3 and Midnight Club 2 (no RTCW to be found), and got to the checkout.

3. Right after the cashier finished ringing me up, I looked behind me and saw this enormous fat kid with an enormous blue book, which I initally thought was Infinite Jest, and which I then realized was the new Harry Potter. I turned around to the cashier and said, "Holy shit, you've got the new Harry Potter here?" He said, "Yeah, they've been going like hotcakes." I ran back to the book area - of course I knew that Best Buy had a book area, but never in a million years would I have thought to look there for it - and sure enough, there were about 70 copies on display, with nobody in sight. (I guess the "hotcakes" in question weren't tasty hotcakes.)

[But back to (2.) - For those of you who are on XBL, I'm JervoNYC. (I can't believe someone already snagged Jervo. Weak!) I've got the 2 abovementioned games, as well as MechAssault, and I'll most likely pick up Castle Wolfenstein sometime this week. Look for me.]

4. When I spoke with the singer earlier in the week, I thought that Sunday's rehearsal was going to be just that - a rehearsal with just guitars, so I could create some new guitar parts and be able to really flesh them out. But it turned out to be an actual recording session at the bassist's basement studio. First of all - holy shit, what a basement studio. Isolation rooms; kick-ass computer/ProTools setup... gigantic rack mounts... and the guy knows his shit. So we ran through this one particular song a few times; came up with a bunch of parts... and to make a long story short, 2 1/2 hours later, I had about 6 different guitar parts over this song, and the whole thing sounded absolutely kickass. Definitely put me at ease w/r/t all the other things that had gotten me a little uptight; I'll be getting an mp3 of the rough mix hopefully by next week.

5. Mets suck. Armando "Heimlich Maneuver" Benitez sucks. Yes, that pitch was high and outside, you crybaby bitch.

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