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If I really did live in an audience-interactive version of the Truman Show, then this week's contest would be "Wake Jeremy up in the most annoying way possible," and I'd congratulate all the participants on a job well done. Because I've heard it all. I've memorized the patterns in car alarms, and could probably transcribe them for guitar. I've figured out that the garbage trucks on my street pick up garbage in reverse, because otherwise there's no explainable reason why the "reverse beep" would have to last for more than 2 hours. And I suppose I can understand that some people need to look for their pets at 1:30 in the morning by shouting "COME BACK HERE" and clapping their hands. But never in my wildest dreams (if dreaming were possible anymore) could I have imagined this morning's contest entry, which as far as I'm concerned is the hands-down winner - maniacal cat sex.

The sounds that a cat makes when having sex are not unlike the sounds in Monty Python movies where they beat carpets with cats - it's that extended, shrill "rrrRRROOOWWWRRRrrr" sort of thing. Cats having sex don't sound like they're having a good time, but apparently they do, and they must have something tantric going on because these cats were AT IT for a VERY LONG TIME.

Last night was relatively uneventful - did some work and read some more "Fellowship". Tonight my little brother flies in from Israel - we will party, sort of, and hopefully catch Moose v. Pedro II.

Speaking of which, yo, jdixon, is it ok if he crashes on the couch?
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