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Something else to drive you crazy. I used to do these games when I was in elementary school, analog-style, and the real challenge was doing them on the bus, with all the jostling and the bumping and such. Needs Flash, which you should have, anyway.

Here's another version, which is a lot more similar to what I used to do.
ha! thanks.

between the simpsons, deep thoughts and now this, I'll get no work done for the rest of this week!
Thanks for ruining my life.

This is especially hard when your mouse is a piece of shit and doesn't do what you tell it to do.
I don't get the second one...there's nothing to guide through the maze. The first one is funny. What kind of analog game like this did you play? Those little mazes with the balls that looks like giant BBs?
The second one is meant simply for your mouse arrow.

When I say "analog", I mean pencil and paper. My friends and I called it "Obstacle Course".