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Happy: last night, after work, got some new shorts (for the upcoming vacation) AND finally got a bitchin' new discman which is mp3 compatible and also has a built-in radio for those Yankee games on the go. Had I known that bitchin' discmen were so goddamned cheap, I wouldn't have waited so long to get one - the headphones I bought for it were more expensive than the discman itself. Of course, I can't get AM reception at my desk at work, so I'm stuck with "live" web box scores.

Sad: tummy trouble, again, lunch-related.

Sad: The only bookstore within a 10 block radius of my office is this shitty mini-Barnes & Noble which never has anything I'm looking for. Didn't have Microserfs, didn't have Pattern Recognition, didn't have jack shit.

Happy: They did have The Da Vinci Code, which I just found out about and which is totally up my alley, and I also picked up One Hundred Years of Solitude, which I'm a total idiot for not having already read.
I'm pretty sure I know the B&N you're talking about. That place blows.
Yep. That was right by my old office (47th and 2nd).
I don' t know why I ever bothered going in there.
one hundred years of solitude is a beautiful book.

if you like that one, try love in the time of cholera too.