Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I'm a little discombobulated this morning, and so I'm not gonna do a minute-by-minute recap of my vacation. But I'll bullet-point some highlights, I guess:
  • The Outer Banks = awesome. Our house (a huge house, too - 7BR, pool, slept 25 people, although Kath and I slept on an air mattress next to the pool table) was right on the beach, and the beach is basically private, so we had it all to ourselves.

  • Read 2 and a half books: Microserfs (AMAZING!!!), Angels & Demons (the book before "The DaVinci Code" - somewhat interesting but poorly written) and the first few chapters of "Pattern Recognition", which I'm still reading and enjoying thoroughly.

  • It rained for the first 2 days, and so when the sun finally came out on Tuesday, we all hung out on the beach and I managed to get sunburned pretty much immediately.

  • My cousins rock. And some of them are even on Friendster! I think I'll need to sign up now.

  • Speaking of my cousins, the whole family loves Katharine and everybody's excited for the wedding. And speaking of family weddings, it looks like there will be at least 3 in 2004 - 4 if you include my cousin Adam on my stepfather's side. Good times.

  • I missed the whole BLACKOUT 2003, but I watched it on TV.

  • I wouldn't have believed it, but there really is nothing quite like a week on the beach.

That's basically it. Being at work is very disorientating. There's absolutely no goddamned way I'm gonna be able to catch up on 10 days' worth of LJ, so if there are important developments in your life that I missed, please feel free to comment and tell me. Seriously. Because it'd take me about 3 days just to get caught up. And I want to know.

Getting coffee.
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