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Today = big day. Lunchtime will be a splurge-o-rama, as there are 2 must-have Xbox games (Soul Calibur 2, OTOGI) PLUS the Mr. Show Season 3 DVD; and then tonight, courtesy of my stepfather's kick-ass hookup, we're going to the US Open. Insanely good seats, plus a Capriati AND a Roddick/Henman match. Very, very stoked.
ooh ooh. I wonder if Soul Calibur 2 is available for any other platforms. Must investigate. Unless of course you know off the top of your head. (feeling lazy this morning)
Re: yikes!
I think it's available for all of the Big Three consoles; each version has a signature character, if I remember correctly.

And thanks for the Mr. Show heads-up, jervo. We may even be getting a new DVD player tonight, so a nice way to break it in!
Re: yikes!
You are absolutely right. Each platform does have its own unique character, as follows:

Xbox: Spawn
Gamecube: Link (from the Zelda series)
PS2: Heihachi (from Tekken)

Xbox also has hi-def support, if you're sporting some kick-ass plasma TV with surround sound.
Re: yikes!
I just got the call from Gamestop; Soul Calibur 2 (and OTOGI) won't be in until tomorrow. According to them, the only big game out today (the 26th) is F-Zero for the Gamecube.


What console are you rockin, anyway?
Re: yikes!
PS2 for me, but my gaming buddies are gamecubing. I'm used to the Tekken character being included, however very curious about seeing Link rock the SOUL CALIBUR. It's just a classic game - I can't wait to see what they've done with it.
Enjoy the tennis! I went a couple of years ago, and despite the most expensive sandwich and water EVER ($15!!) I had an amazing time. The only bad thing about the day was that it felt like the matches went so fast.
the water was $15?!!? or the whole sammich/water combo? i'm eating a big dinner beforehand, anyway.

i expect Capriati's match to last about 50 minutes, but the Roddick/Henman match could be epic.
It was a water/sandwich combo. Bearing in mind that it was mighty expensive, I should point out that it was filling. Which is all one expects of a sandwich.

Enjoy center court but remember that there are other courts too... if you get the chance before your match starts, have a peek at the smaller courts. This way, not only do you get to boast about seeing Henman, Capriati et all... in a couple of years you can say "Oh, I saw them when they were NObodies!!"
I'm pretty sure that at 7:00, the only matches that are being played are on Center Court.

I went when I was, say, 14, and I saw Yannick Noah and (someone) play the most awesome 5-set match I've ever seen. Aside from the French guy behind me who yelled "Allez Yannick!" every other point, it was transcendent. Then, what that was over, we walked over to Center Court and watched Boris Becker beat the crap out of some no-name for 20 minutes. Good times.
holy crap, the US Open!?!! i'm super-jealous. do you play tennis?

also, al franken's book came out this week, so be sure and pick that up as well!