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Various things I've been meaning to write over the last week:

1. Finished part 1 of Lord of the Rings last night, and now I'm totally hooked. And I would like to formally apologize for referring to my "inner snob" (as pointed out by an alert non-LJing reader) when I said that I wasn't really interested in Tolkien. I was a humongous snob, there's nothing "inner" about it.

2. The woman and I had our first real talk about moving in together last weekend, and I have to say, I'm really excited for that eventuality. It sucks having a long-distance relationship when you both live in the same city.

3. I've been just going apeshit on my 4-track recently, and I've started noticing some interesting patterns in my recording process. For the last 2 months or so I've gotten over the conceit that everything I record has to sound perfect, so I can allow myself to just put down rough sketches of whatever's in my brain. The main reason why I'm sketching, aside from just allowing ideas to form instead of immediately editing, is so that I can figure out what I'll need in order to translate this stuff into a band format. (The whole idea is to eventually start a band, but I wasn't sure how to piece it together - did i want keyboards, did i want a female singer, did i want a tuba, etc). As it turns out, I've deliberately held back from doing guitar overdubs, which leads me to believe that I'm gearing up to start a 3-piece. Which is fine with me, as I've had little success in forging a successful partnership with any of the guitarists I've played with. And now that I have my little looper-device, I can sorta sound like 2 simultaneous guitars anyway.

4. GodDAMN I'm tired of the temping life.

5. GodDAMN I hate toothaches.

6. GodDAMN I'm tired of being broke.

If you know anyone hiring for rock stars, look me up, please.

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