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I apologize in advance for the complete lack of coherence in this posting.

Nothing too much to report, other than:

1. I'm hopelessly addicted to Crazy Taxi 2.

2. I bought a suit yesterday after work, and I'm picking it up in about an hour, and I just know it's gonna look terrible. What I know about fashion could be inscribed on the edge of a shot glass with a dry magic marker by a blind man in a dark room. The whole suit-buying process yesterday was just hopelessly bizarre; I can't really begin to explain how strange it was, other than: you know when you're in an uncomfortable situation, and there's a strange, lurking sense of urgency, and you just know that everything you're doing is translating into "I'm spazzing out, what the hell am I doing?" No? What if I described it as similar to the scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when they take ether and Duke describes the sensation of "watching yourself act in this terrible manner"? Still no? Great. I'm totally deranged, then. Plus I now own a stupid suit.

3. The suit is for the woman's grandmother's memorial service, which I'm leaving for in a little while. It's wierd being on such comfortable terms with her parents; by which I mean, it's just wierd being that comfortable with anybody's parents. Not bad wierd, mind you, just... it's an unfamiliar feeling.

4. I won't be on LJ until Tuesday at the earliest, which kinda bums me out a little bit. The fact that time away from LJ would bum me out kinda bums me out, too.

5. Today's my last day at this company - goodbye free lunches, hello long week of sleeping in and not eating.

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