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1. Insomnia is a bitch, which is why I ended up watching the Giants lose in OT.

2. The new Simpsons videogame, a GTA clone called "Hit and Run", is getting some good reviews, which means I might just have to get it. Goddammit.

3. Also, "Run Ronnie Run" comes out on DVD today. Bob and David have officially disowned it, and yet I'm still curious.

4. Last week's Bill Irwin show was fantastic. I think it's called "The Harlequin Studies". Very, very awesome. And speaking of awesome, Kath and I are seeing the Mighty Wind bands perform this Saturday night, although I can't remember where. And speaking of Mighty Wind, here's a stupid interview with Jennifer Coolidge. Key quote: [In 20 years,] I'm probably going to have really plucked eyebrows that go way up across my forehead. And I know that I'm going to have some kind of plastic surgery that really hasn't been perfected. So, I won't be able to play anything except some weird alien in some bad space movie.

5. Carnivale is my new favorite show. Sucks that it's only a mini-series, but whatever - I'm totally hooked. I was hooked just on the opening credits.

Finally, I'd like to kick my fantasy team in the ass. If I were still in the running, I'd be kicking so much ass this week...
I actually have a big issue with a 3D Simpsons game.

It just looks...wrong. Seriously. It should be done in the same style as the show :)

But it looks fun as hell.
Apparently they make reference to whatever Halloween episode it was when Homer entered the third dimension, so I guess it's OK. It would've been nice to see it cel-shaded, I guess.
Just to let you know, Sarah and I were supposed to see the Mighty Wind tour this coming Monday, and I was just informed by Ticketmaster it was cancelled... I don't know if it's the whole tour or just our date, but you might want to check and be sure.
I just checked Ticketbitch; my concert date is still OK. Did Ticketbitch email you?
Run Ronnie Run
My boss bought it early, and said that while he can see why Bob and David don't like it, there are enough hysterical moments to make the whole thing very much worth his money.