Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

There aren't too many thrills quite like deciding, at the last minute, to diss your temp agency when they call you at some obscene hour in the morning so you can go back to sleep and cuddle w/ yer girlfriend.

We had a good time up at her house (Springfield, MA), even if the situtation was depressing; I got to meet her sister and her boyfriend, and there were many late night smoking/drinking sessions on her parents' mini-patio. I became part of the family, which is the first time that's ever happened, and it's a really nice feeling.

Had a wierd dream last night that I was the stage manager for a truly horrible musical version of "A.I.", which I'm hoping wasn't an omen of things to come, music- and movie-wise.

Oh, and now that I'm into book 3 of the LOTR trilogy, me and the woman downloaded the new trailer for the movie (which I can finally appreciate), and now I have really high expectations. I'm a little disconcerted about the acting, although Ian McClellan as Gandalf is going to kick some Orc ass.

Today looks to be somewhat lazy, although there might be some heybro work later today; one of the Heybro boys just got some video-editing software, and so some of our more ambitious ideas might actually start happening, which would be awesome. We've owned the site for over a year, now, and we've hardly done anything with it except the bad Scrabble hands.

And... there is no other news to report.

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