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Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. FUCK YOU, RUSH LIMBAUGH.
hee hee.

Shameful joy is the best kind of joy. The Germans knew it, and now I know it.
Yep, we knew it was only a matter of time before he started talking out of his ass. I'd like to see Fatboy line up across from Mr. McNabb just once, see if that "talent on loan from God" would be enough to keep that lousy overrated QB from just smushing him.
He's been talking out of his ass for years. It's just that now he's got his fat foot stuck in his big, fat mouth. Oh, the irony.
Indeed, I stand corrected, he has indeed been talking out of his ass for years. And did you see that the Daily News is now suggesting that he's been abusing prescription painkillers? There's a story about it on FoxNews.

Speaking of those morons at Fox, their front-page poll is about Rush, and 83% thought he's being treated unfairly. Ignorant fucks.

isn't it great news? finally we can safely call bigots bigots again.
I agree with everything said here, especially the part about minority hiring.