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As I figured, there really is no reason to be paranoid here - they can barely keep their servers from crashing, so I'm not really concerned if they see that I use LJ a lot. However, the average age of every person I've seen today is probably around 42; while I've not really bothered to make friends with anybody during my last few assignments, this gig is apparently indefinite, and it would be nice to have a smoking buddy, or something.

I'm having a wierd premonition, and it is that when I leave work, I'm gonna be bored. (I'm not referring to anyone in particular, or really anyone at all - it's just a feeling.) To wit: whatever I come home to is not going to be enough to entertain me, and I can't really spend any money to go out. There's only so much pot you can smoke before you realize that you're still bored, as well as hungry. I suppose I could do some 4-tracking, but I'm not feeling particularly recording-y.

There's a wierd space in life, right after you read a huge book, that takes a while to be filled... The woman has rehearsal all night tonight, so I won't be seeing her...

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