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And now, a more substanstial (i.e., non-baseball-related) update.

1. My new all-time favorite show is BBC America's "The Office", which, if you haven't seen it, is basically like the first half of Office Space, but funnier, and from the boss's point of view. Truly insane stuff. The clip that sold me on this show is on the site, actually - Season 1, Episode 4. (Requires RealPlayer.)

2. The Indiana Jones DVD set comes out tomorrow; I'm freaking out.

3. Most of this weekend was spent drunk.

4. My nephews rule.

5. Kath rules, too.

Dinner tonight with my cousin, then rehearsal, so my Yankees-radio-mojo will be put on hold. Also, I can't get radio reception at work, so tomorrow's game might be jinxed as well, goddammit.
Hurrah! Someone else who likes "The Office"!

All I can say is, wait until the second season hits. You'll get to see David Brent realize his dream as a motivational speaker. Absolutely priceless. And Tim ... ah, poor Tim.
I'm buying the season 1 DVD tomorrow. I can't get enough. Quite possibly the funniest show I've ever seen.
no. i've only seen Season 1, episodes 4-6, and i think Season 1, episode 1. So there's quite a lot I don't know.
The pub quiz episode is my favourite from the 1st season.

There are only two seasons. Apparently there is going to be a one-off special airing over Christmas that will tie up any loose ends and effectively finish the whole series. Also, I think there is going to be an American version of the show - Ricky Gervais (David Brent) started a rumour that Speilberg was interested in making it, and nobody knows whether they should believe him or not.

I meant Season 2, episode 1.

According to this review, Ricky Gervais might not really be acting.

I don't think this show would work if it were Americanized, Spielberg or not. A good deal of its appeal is its Britishness, especially in terms of the restraint employed by the employees when confronted with David Brent's outrageousness. In America, nobody would get the joke.
There aren't many "Britcoms" that translated well when they were Americanized. How Bill Cosby managed to ruin "One Foot in the Grave" by turning it into "Cosby", I'll never know. And supposedly, someone is making an American version of "Father Ted"?!?!

The only instance I've seen of an American show being "Britain-ized" is when I saw an episode of the British version of "That 70's Show". They had the same outfits, the same script, just with British accents (actually, they had awful actors too). Why did they even bother?

I hadn't read that review, or heard about Gervais being a bit of a dick! I think he would almost get away with bad behavior now, as people see him as David Brent.

Oh god. Did you see the clip of him dancing yet?
I've seen the "dancing" clip only as a promo commercial; I haven't seen it in context.

For my money, even in my limited knowledge of all things "Office", that training workshop is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. When he's doing the hotel manager roleplay - both sides of it, even - I turned to Kath and said "I can't believe what I just saw!"