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Boston fans and Yankee haters, please skip

WOW. I had rehearsal last night, and when I checked the score Boston was up 4-0, and I had pretty much given up hope.

When I got home, it was Boston up 5-2, bottom of the 8th, 1 out, Jeter at the plate. But even when Bernie drove him in, I still didn't quite feel like the Yankees would be able to pull it out; I thought for SURE that the bullpen would shut it down. Except the bullpen didn't shut it down, and then Zilla killed a double, and Pedro STILL didn't come out, and then Jorge blooped a flare into shallow center field and suddenly it was a tie game.

And yet I STILL didn't feel right; when Mariano came out for his 3rd inning, I thought for sure that he'd give up at least a run; it wasn't until that last strikeout that I started thinking that something was going to happen.

And then Aaron - bleeping - Boone.

I am a big Boone fan, and not just because he lets my "Boston-curse-of-the-Bambino/Bucky/Buckner/anything that starts with B" theory hold more weight. He's a great 3rd baseman and even though he struggled when he came over, he had great numbers with the Reds - and, well, he's still a hell of a lot better than Drew Henson. He's a great guy, total team player, and he was the perfect guy to accept the hero role.

I think I've replayed that home run about a thousand times since it happened; definitely one of the most amazing baseball moments, if not THE most amazing, I've ever seen - and that includes 2 perfect games,= and any number of recent Yankees postseason insanity. At this point, the World Series is pretty much just gravy, as far as I'm concerned. Beating Pedro and the Red Sox in a game 7 in extra innings on a home run off of Wakefield... that's pretty much as good as it gets.

Because I wasn't quite sure the Yankees would win, I bought a shit-load of comfort items yesterday, including:

  1. David Foster Wallace: Everything and More

  2. Live from New York (SNL book)

  3. the new Outkast

  4. the new Wrens

  5. the new Death Cab

  6. the new Aesop Rock

i was out on the lower east side at the very moment the yankees won, and the whole city seemed to explode with car horns, fire engine and police car sirens. and the cheers from the streets and bars and cars were deafening. i was so proud and happy to be able to witness that kind of reaction. congratulations, man.

i love the new death cab, and i'm seeing them at bowery on the 26th. could not be more pumped for this. let me know what you think of the album.

and i'm also seeing the wrens this saturday. i don't know much about 'em, but htey're playing with my beloved palomar and i've been dying to check 'em out anyway.
1. I've encountered that very thing before - it's amazing to witness. The city's communal excitement becomes tangible; the air even feels different. What a ballgame!

2. Can't wait to check the album out, but I'm gonna pass on the Bowery show. I saw them on the Death & Dismemberment tour, and they were a bit underwhelming.

3. If I remember correctly, my ex-ex-band Wanna opened for them, probably back in 97 or 98, and they were awesome. I'm pumped for this album, too.
what a ballgame indeed! i still have chills.

i saw ben gibbard alone once, just doing solo versions of death cab songs, covers, and assorted solo stuff. that was incredible and very energetic. the crowd loved him, and he loved the crowd. i was humming his cover of dumb avril levigne's "complicated" for weeks. weeks! and this was like, a wednesday night and a last minute show.

but i must admit, although i worship the album, the postal service really flopped when i saw them live. i just felt like i was listening to the album in a crowd, you know? i was super underwhelmed.

anyway, i've never seen dcfc live at this point. i forget why, but i missed the death and dismemberment tour... i'm just so curious to see how they perform live compared to the other ben gibbard joints i've seen.
just came across your journal thru a friend of a friend..and so on

the new death cab is amazing.. i love it!
Can't wait to hear it. I'll most likely be writing about it in the near future.
I also saw DCFC on the Death and Dismemberment tour, and I dug them enough to pick up "The Photo Album," but was underwhelmed by it as well -- they seem very hit-or-miss, and that song about the shithead father has all the self-rending sentiment of a special two-part episode of Growing Pains (especially if it was during the Leonardo DiCaprio season.)

I didn't see any of the game, but it sounds like as usual Boston made some terribly bonehead moves. Glad no one was hurt, though. And congrats.

Also, the Wrens seem like one of those bands that people have built a religion around. Their 19-track bruiser Seacaucus is pretty tasty, and I imagine if Bob Pollard had put out Bee Thousand and then waited seven years to follow it up, his fans would be in the same sort of frenzy. Not that they aren't now, I suppose...