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1. Had drinks with the band last night. We were to meet outside the cafe in the Union Square Virgin Megastore; I figured I'd get there a bit early so I could finally finish Quicksilver, but I couldn't because The Shins were doing an in-store performance. Not a bad reason to be usurped. (I'm sorry, but while that sentence might not make any sense, it sounds cool.)

2. Bought 2 killer Xbox games this week, neither of which I've had any chance to play - SSX3 and Crimson Skies. In the 20 minutes or so that I've spent with them, I can tell you this - they are both insanely awesome.

3. Also bought the Indiana Jones DVD set, which is, as you can imagine, awesome.

4. Katharine and I are both taking half-days today; we're driving up to near-Syracuse to visit her sister. For some reason, I'm really uncomfortably anxious about the drive. I've lived in NYC for almost 10 years, and while I've taken a bus to my mom's house about 1000 times, I've only actually driven out of the city maybe 5 times. Why am I so freaked out about it? Very annoying.

5. Regardless of what happens this weekend, the ALCS was satisfying enough for me.
i've done the drive to syracuse from new york city and it ain't so bad. a bit long, but nothing to worry about.

have a nice trip!
The ALCS was like the World Series. Best baseball I've seen since the 2001 WS. It's a shame Grady Little will get the ax, though.