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Favorite moments in music, #934:

Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlantacism -
"Death of an Interior Director" (track 9)
1:34 - 2:04

It's a pretty standard song, shuffling along, and then suddenly this shimmering bridge chimes in and just absolutely kills me.
Right now, I can't get "Expo '86" (track four) out of my head, especially the chorus. Between this album and Wrens-Meadowlands, I can't decide which is better.

Another late contender is Blackberry Belle, by The Twilight Singers. I know you've never really dug Greg Dulli, but man what a great album...
I'm just gonna go out and say it - this is the best album they've ever made. Certainly, there's no song that I'll just skip over - and let's be honest, there are usually one or two snoozers on their albums.

I finally "got" Wrens/Meadowlands the other day. "Kisses" has been fighting for space in my head, but when it gets there it STAYS there.

Not that you'd ever get an Xbox or anything, but Top Spin (think Virtua Tennis, but better) is XboxLive compatible. As is the newest version of Sega NHL (now called ESPN Hockey). Just think, dude - I could be kicking your ass from all the way down here.
Also, "The Sound of Settling" (track 5) gets stuck in my head quite a bit. Especially that chours.

Bah Baaaahhhh, Bah Baaaahhhhhh......
That is my favorite Death Cab song ever!

I actually was never a big fan of them before, but this album has won me over bigtime.