Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Katharine, being the greatest girlfriend/fiancee a man could ask for, came home last night with both the Tenacious D DVD and the David Cross DVD.

David Cross: Let America Laugh
I knew this was meant to be more of a documentary of his SUYFB tour rather than a straight-up standup concert, but what it ended up being is basically him against his drunk hecklers, plus random interviews with very drunk people, and it kinda leaves an unpleasant taste. Sure, there are some hilarious bits, and it's always nice when the asshole drunk guy who keeps shouting out stupid things gets singled out and ridiculed, but it essentially goes on forever in this vein, and both Kath and I got a bit uncomfortable watching it. We were reminded of the time that we saw him do standup for some benefit, and the benefit people had handed out whoopee cushions before the show, and so this drunk asshole guy, who was sitting right next to us (and also in the front row) decided to keep blowing it up and setting it off in the middle of David's bit, and David was very sick at the time, and it clearly pissed him off, and so he finally just went over and took it from the guy, and but Kath and I both felt guilty by association since we were right next to him (the asshole). The DVD basically leaves the impression that if you see him perform, you are only allowed to laugh at the jokes; you certainly can't talk to whoever you came with, and if you have to leave early you're a loser, and if you want to talk to him after the show you're going to end up feeling that he's making fun of you whether you're drunk or not.

Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works
This DVD, on the other hand, absolutely fucking rocks. The first disc, "For Fans", is an entire live concert PLUS the HBO episodes. We opted for the second disc, "For Psycho Fans Only", which is fucking great. Videos (and making-of docs) for "Tribute", "Wonderboy" and "Fuck Her Gently", lots of behind-the-scenes stuff and the videos they were showing in-concert. Most of the video stuff is either shot or edited (or both) by Liam Lynch, which is great. It's especially interesting to see the D's "On the Road" documentary immediately after having watched the David Cross DVD, because at least in the D doc you get the feeling that they're having fun.

Tonight - Matrix Revolutions with Kath. The lack of any hype for this movie leads me to believe that it is going to suck balls. I'll let you know.

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