Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Matrix Revolutions mini-review - hopefully, no spoilers

Sure, Matrix Revolutions has some glaring plotholes, terrible dialogue, and a scene between Neo and Trinity that actually made my brain hurt. And sure, the effects won't ever be as groundbreaking as they were in the original - we've now seen the same things over and over so many times that they've lost their original, visceral punch. I'll say this in its favor, though - it was better than the 2nd one.

That isn't necessarily saying that much, I know. The mindfuck-ness that made the first one so cool (and which bogged the second one into hopeless, sophomoric stoned drivel) is completely and utterly absent in this one, and so ultimately the movie all about the final battle - parts of it tend to feel like one of those interactive rides at the major theme parks. It's very LOTR, in some respects, with the 2 different factions of the "fellowship" fighting their respective fights at opposite ends of the earth, except the difference here is that you really don't end up caring either way - you know who's gonna win, it just takes forever to get there. It's a shame, really, that instead of upping the mindfuckness, they simply upped the ammo.

Nevertheless, I didn't cringe nearly as much as I did during Reloaded. There are some cool parts and fights and such. And at least now the damned thing is over.

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