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1. Damn you, Coors Lite. I was writing a song in my head this morning on the way to work, and I was doing everything I could to keep it intact until I could get into the office and write it down, and now, suddenly, for no apparent reason, I have that insipid "Guys Night Out" song stuck in my head. GOD DAMN YOU!

2. God, I hope Steinbrenner wakes up, bails on Sheff and gets Vlad. Brian Cashman, I'm looking at you - make it happen.

3. So, I bought me a 40gb iPod last night. Of course, I haven't yet started to play with it, and I probably won't get a full night with it until tomorrow. I'm also a bit wary of the whole installation-of-the-firewire-ports thing, but, I mean, it can't be that hard, can it?

4. I'm now about 80% healthy. I wonder how I'll feel at this time tomorrow, when I'm at the dentist.

5. jongre liked the idea of the anti-fantasy league, and we even came up with an idea where one person simply drafts the Detroit Tigers, and everyone else has to pick other, bad players. This is gonna be fun.
You mean The Shazam's "Goodbye American Man"?
Their predicament made me wonder what would happen if a beer company approached me to use my song in a TV commercial.
The solution: don't write songs that sound like fucking beer commercials.
Wait, you mean that "Guys Night Out" is an actual song? Like, it wasn't written by an ad agency?

Ok, then, I focus all my venom and bile at Shazam, they of the awful bandname, sellout tactics, and just all-around awfulness.
Well you'd know it by the "gooodbye american man..." part... I think they used the intro of the song and the chorus.
1- That song is in fact evil.

2- I dunno...Sheffield is healthier. That back injury Vlad had made him have a subpar season. It's just back injuries are like knee injuries in basketball...you're never really the same. You fn guys have enough talent to not be going crazy in the free agent market. I want Vlad too, but after talking to Brian Hoch (he used to have metsonline.net before mlb sht it down, he now has a blog, link on my website) in an email, I'm not so big on Vlad anymore. The Mets have been plotting him for two years and have backed off...I think you'd better get Sheffield.

3- I'm so fn jealous. I want one bad. I could put like my whole CD collection on it! The firewire port will be easy, just stay grounded, i.e. hold on to the frame of the tower at all times. Static can burn your whole motherboard out, especially this time of year.

4- Dentists suck. Glad you feel better.

5- That would rule, can I be in on the next league- the real one?
general clark's going to be on the daily show thursday. can you go so i can live vicariously through you?
Maybe you missed #3, where I designated Thursday as "play with iPod" night.

Also, I'm for Edwards, beyotch! My lil' bro is very bummed about this Gore/Dean endorsement. If the mission for 2004 is to get Bush out of office, Dean is the wrong guy for the job.
damn, so you're fully for edwards now? he's made some good appearances on TDS no doubt, but ah well--enjoy the iPod.

and i couldn't agree more with the mission--which is what everyone should be saying.

i'd take edwards more seriously if he were doing better in the polls and if he had more executive experience.