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Fun mp3s: Go Home Productions.

Highly recommended tracks:
"Christmas on the Block" (JLo & Paul McCartney)
"Jacko Under Pressure" (MJ & Bowie/Queen)
"Karma In The Life" (Beatles & Radiohead)
"Return of the Weather Episode" (Snoop/Dre & Crowded House)

I know what's going on my iPod!
usually gimmicky christmas songs suck ass, but these are surprisingly interesting--how'd you hear abou them?
I wasn't looking forward to this but I'm howling with laughter at the absurdity of and how well these came out, especially "Christmas on the Block".
Right? I mean, that's as good as either of those songs has ever sounded.
Yep. I've always gotten the feeling that Paul had just gotten a new synthesizer and that's why he recorded a song. Not because he wanted to record something good.
Who did I hear covering "Wonderful Christmastime" recently? Fountains of wayne?
Sometimes I am skeptical before I click, but your links never fail to amuse. You've always got a bead on some funny shit.
There's more insanity on this site; I just singled out the ones that really floored me. I'm sure this guy'll get sued eventually.
There was an article about this new art of mixing up songs a while back on Salon... the one I remember from a couple of years ago was "Oops I Did It Again" with "The Real Slim Shady."