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Tomorrow, I will recap the weekend. Right now, I'm writing down what I need to remember for said recap.

Friday: Bill Irwin
Saturday: Kath's parents arrive with new furniture, making our apartment look completely different (and for the better, even if our new space heater tends to blow out every fuse in the house)
Sunday: mostly hanging w/ Latrell, football
Monday: Productivity! Pick up wedding rings (with engravings!), check out tuxedos (with success!), buy and install Windows XP (with success!), download iTunes (with success, although its library is woefully incomplete!)

Also - possible Superbowl party at chez Jervo.
Also also - for the 2 of you who read this and are members of the Jervo wedding party - we must get together for tuxedo fittings/rentals/tea & crumpets.
Also also also - Kath and I are dangerously obsessed with all things poker. We've spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend playing Texas Hold 'em over Yahoo Games. We even bought an electronic video poker toy, which Kath is taking with her on her business trip to California later this week (?!).
If by tea & crumpets, you mean booze & hookers, I'm in! I'm in in anyway if it's just tea & crumpets.

Poker fever has hit the north as well. Two of my brohams up here have portable tables to play. We usually do it after a long night of drinking. We're very bad.
It's big in college towns as well. There was a very popular poker club here in Austin that got shut down by the cops because it was of questionable legality.

A few of my friends clean up big because they've got friends in frats who invite them to games. (money to burn + no skill at poker = you're getting hustled.)