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Before I get into the weekend recap, I just want to give a shout out to my brother. Jono's been pulling 20 hour days for the past 6 months on the Edwards campaign - including these last 2 weeks in Iowa - and Edwards has emerged out of nowhere. Jono actually e-mailed me a picture from his cellphone of him and Edwards when they got the news. Good times.

Also, Howard Dean is nuts. Look at the cover of Drudge right now. Listen to his raving. Look at the man, fercrissakes!
Yeah, I was watching CNN last night as the results were coming in and saw Dean's, um, freak-out. What the hell? I have yet to understand what this whole Dean thing is about.

I was very glad to see the strong Edwards showing yesterday, and think his chances are very good. I think, ultimately, it will come down to a message/positions battle between him and Clark. Kerry had a good showing yesterday, but I think the more folks see of him, the more he will remind them of Dukakis, and that is certainly NOT electable.
Thank you! I'm so sick of defending Dean to people who only know about him the things they've seen in the news. Anyone of age to vote should be aware that in an election year, the media is even less trustworthy than normal.
To both of you - sure, the media is out of control, but don't you think it would behoove Mr. Dean to be a teensy-weensy bit more media savvy? It will be very easy for the Republicans to shoot him down with the kind of ammo he's giving them.
on the daily show last night, one of the best parts was jon stewart showing a clip like this, that shows dean getting almost psychotically enthusiastic, and then cutting back to jon who says:
"you never know if you're going to get "smeagol" dean or "gollum" dean..."