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1. Stereogum has a big scoop on the casting of the Americanized version of The Office. I could get with this. I'd rather they buy the original version and air that, but what the hell do I know.

2. Everyone on the 7 train is reading bibles. Well, maybe not everyone, but it certainly seems like it. I've only started noticing this. EVERY time I get on the train, whether the morning or evening rush, or whenever, there's SOMEONE reading a bible.

3. Internet ads are annoying as all hell, of course, but does my AIM buddy list need to be playing fucking commercials? i.e., with SOUND?!!

4. Speaking of commercials, McDonald's is officially on my shitlist. Not like they ever weren't, but I mean - that new "cheesesteak" thing they're hawking is easily the most offensive food item I've ever seen; I get queasy just thinking about it. And the whole "hip-hop" attitude they've tacked on is embarassing. I'm not lovin' it. I'm spewin' it.

5. Tomorrow's the big day. Say goodbye to the world, wisdom teeth! Hopefully I'll be ready for some beer on Sunday.
I agree that after the Coupling fiasco, they shouldn't be trying to put a British peg into an American hole.

However, I doubt that the Britcom version of The Office will fly on "Must See TV". Not because of the humor or style, but cultural references.

Have you been to the BBCA's page for The Office? I love Gareth's home page.
Yeah, I unfortunately agree with everything you said - The Office's unique charm is its total willingness to be uncomfortable, and that sort of subtlety won't make any sort of impression. Unless Carell is just going to be a huge asshole.

The Office webpage is great, yeah. Can't wait for Season 2 on DVD!
i am of the firm belief that mcdonald's is the root of many evil things. beginning with severe stomach aches.
As cool as would be to have Carrell in that role, I'm not for this NBC-ization of already good britcoms. They already messed up Coupling.

Then I thought, what if they do a new Benny Hill? THAT my friend would be awesome. I'd put Regis as the new Benny Hill. "Look at all these ladies running around in their undies, it's OUTTA CONTROL!!"
Steve Carell is pretty much the only person I can think of who could pull this sort of thing off - and by "pulling it off", I mean "being almost as funny as Ricky Gervais without actually being Ricky Gervais". The show itself is pretty much doomed for failure, because part of the charm of the British original is that it wasn't always funny - in fact, most of the show was filled with uncomfortable silences, and Ricky Gervais was as un-PC as you can possibly be. That kinda shit will absolutely not fly on Must See TV.

They don't have to do a new Benny Hill - there are already thousands of shows with half-naked women, they don't need to put old guffawing men in the way.