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1. Maybe you care, maybe you don't, but the first season of Samurai Jack is coming out on DVD on May 4th. According to DavisDVD: The two-disc set, coming under the Cartoon Network Collector Series banner, will feature the 13 first season episodes which aired in 2001 in fullscreen and Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. Extras will include creator commentary tracks, never-before-seen footage, "The Making of Samurai Jack" featurette and original artwork. Retail is a mere $29.98. There's also a boxshot of the cover which I am unable to link to.

2. Good Evening played with a drummer last night - indeed, the drummer that we would be playing with regularly if he weren't moving to Texas. All the new songs sounded about 1000 times better; they are no longer abstract chord progressions but fully-fledged groovefests and soundscapes. God. This drummer thing is getting out of hand. I've now posted ads on Friendster and Garageband.com. I'm not exactly sure what else I can do.

That's it for right now.