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1. Dogsitting
2. Purchasing a new acoustic guitar
3. Recording drum tracks for the new EP without a drummer
4. A-Rod

OK. Well, I'm going to break these up into 2 parts; baseball and not-.

Let's get one thing out of the way - the Maddux thing is completely and utterly insane. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that George is dying, and he wants to take it all with him when he goes. Sure, Contreras is most likely the player to be named later in the ARod deal, and thusly the Yankees will still need a pitcher, but the 2004 Maddux isn't the guy I would replace him with. The point is, this makes even me a little queasy. I'm not here to root for the American League All-Star team, I'm here to root for the Yankees.

Now that I've got that off my chest, the ARod thing took me completely by surprise, and I still really won't fully believe it happened until today's press conference. Just this past Friday afternoon, jmg77 and I had our first 2004 NYY/BOS debate, and we had to stop in the middle of it and just acknowledge that spring training is literally right around the corner, and we couldn't contain our excitement. I had faith that we'd resolve the 3B situation, but I never in a million years expected ARod. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Of course I love to have him on my team, but, like I said before, this team feels more like a bunch of ringers than my beloved boys of '96-'00, and I'm not interested in rooting for the AL All-Star team. I'm DEFINITELY not interested in getting yelled at by Yankee haters about how George just bought himself another ring, blah blah blah. The only thing I can say about it is that George is playing by the rules - the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that every other owner approved except George - the same CBA that was put in place specifically to punish the Yankees for their excessive spending habits. And as long as the small-market teams continue to pocket the free money they get from George's luxury tax instead of putting it on the field, there will continue to be this ridiculousness - on both sides of the issue.

I love the Yankees. They are my team. I will root for them this year and I will root hard. However, I'll admit to being a little wierded out, though, and I don't really care if that makes me less than hard-core.

The Yankees might be Darth Vader. But Luke Skywalker is a fucking pussy.

OK, now for the rest of the weekend.

1. Dogsitting. Tristan is the cutest lil' puppy in the world, and he is madly in love with Katharine. He likes me, too, but if it's between my lap or Kath's, it's Kath's all the way. (I feel the same way, but that's another story. (ba-dum TING!!)) It is kinda wierd, though, how much having a dog in the house kinda changes a lot about how you get through the day. Tristan is paper-trained, which is great, but the paper is in the bathroom, and the bathroom isn't very big. Also, I sorta felt compelled to play with him or at least just keep him in my eyesight at all times, just to make sure he wasn't choking on a roach trap or pooping in my shoes, and, well, if you're not used to that, it's a bit tiring. Kath told me, "I'm not ready to give up my life with you," and I can certainly vice-versa that. So, it'll be a bit longer before we acquire our lil' Skippy.

2. Purchasing a new acoustic guitar. Much like ARod, this took me by surprise. Sunday morning, Kath and I (and Tristan) are in our post-breakfast mode, and we're flipping around on the TV, and we stop on Lethal Weapon 2, which turns out to be heavily edited, and we get bummed out, and I'm like, "Shit, I might as well just go out and get LW1 and LW2 on DVD right now," and Kath is like, "DUDE! Totally!" So I did. I walked down to the Best Buy near my apartment and picked them up. There's a Guitar Center along the way, though, and on my way back I stopped in, just to see if there were going to be any good deals for President's Day, as I'm in the market for a tuner. And I sorta moseyed over to the acoustic guitar area, just because I'm also sorta in the market for an acoustic, and I was a bit chagrined because the acoustic selection in the main room at Guitar Center is pretty shitty - mostly shitty Fenders, Ovations, Ibinez, Epiphone - not a single Guild in sight - but then, in the back room, I found her - a Taylor 110SB. A low-end Taylor, to be sure, but a Taylor nonetheless, and easily the most gorgeous tone I could get for the money. The guy who sold it to me ended up giving me an absolutely ridiculous deal; I got the guitar, a gig bag, the Boss TU-2 tuner, a set of Elixir 12s for the acoustic and 20 picks for $620. SCORE!!

3. Recording drum tracks for the new EP without a drummer. Let me just say that I am more excited for this EP than any other recording project I've ever undertaken before - not only because we're doing it for free, on David's computer, on our own time, on our own terms. I'm excited because I'm absolutely confident that we're going to make a kickass EP even without a drummer. What we've decided to do is to use my drum machine, tweak the hell out of it, and then, for the most part, tap out the beats live - which is something I've been doing for a long time. I get to "play drums!" We've done drum tracks for 2 songs already, and we'll most likely bang out the remaining 3 or 4 over the next few weeks. What I really like is how democratic the process has been - we all are shaping the parts and the sounds. More than anything, though, we're all really excited about the songs we're recording, and what makes this recording process unique is that they're all brand-new songs, we haven't rehearsed them to death and gotten tired of them, they reflect what we sound like at this exact moment and it's exciting to be able to document this in almost real-time. We're not afraid of crazy sounds and experimentation, and I'm sure we're all going to playing different instruments throughout this recording process. The whole thing puts a smile on my face.

OK, work - bring it on.
I am so sick of Guitar Center. Every time I go in there the clerks talk down to me like I can't possibly know what kind of guitar I really want because, well, I'm a girl and all that. So they just hand me one off the wall, plug it in, hand it to me, and walk away quickly and then I have to chase them down all over the store once I realize that they've given me a giant guitar-shaped piece of shit instead of the guitar I asked them to get down for me.

Luckily, it looks like someone on Craigslist is having a hard time unloading the exact guitar I want so I'm waiting for them to repost it for cheaper. And the guys in Sam Ash all have crushes on me, so if I want to play with electrics before then, they're happy to give me anything I wanted.

I'm glad your Guitar Center experience was better than mine. I do find the back room very fun.
Guitar store salespeople, in general, are sub-human bastards. If you are a guitar noob, they sneer at you with contempt; if you are a competent and knowledgeable guitarist and you know what you want, they take the guitar out of your hands and try to play better than you and also secretly hate you for not having to work at a guitar store. I hate them all, equally.

What guitar are you looking to buy?
I settled on a cheapish Fender Telecaster - specifically, the pink paisley reissue from a couple of years ago. The Telecaster sound is a little mellower than a Strat which will make it good for the kind of retro flavored stuff that I've been pretending to write, plus I can still do the occasional new wave song and that sounds good too. It seems like a versatile instrument and since I'm not yet one of those guitar-dabbling yuppies with a big room full of expensive instruments, it looks like a safe bet.

Plus, it's pink. Pink! How could I not feel like a rock star with a pink guitar?
Teles are nice. I owned one once, a few years back - it turned out to be not what I needed, but it's got a great tone and I'm sure it'll do you fine.
Becareful with reissue Fenders...they tend to use basswood instead of ask or alder like the originals...

I encountered this when I almost baught a 72 Custom reissue...
They are! It's like shopping for car stereo equipment...they really don't want you to have anythign better than them. Plus like they're all bitter because they didn't make it in the music industry.

My friend's fiance is a GM of a Guitar Center upstate...

I also concur with you about the ARod situation.

Wanna hang?
rootin for the yanks now is very close to becoming like rooting for the rangers. a bunch of high (and several over)paid question marks with no clubhouse chemistry, a manager who has to look over his shoulder all the time now, and ownership that will send the team back to the 80's.

Of course, the big difference is that Yankees probably won't be ten games out of the last playoff spot after one month of play. I too will root for the Yanks, and if this team manages to gel somehow, it will be exciting. But there's nowhere near the same type of excitement of 96-00.