I think this time, no one's going to pay attention to Nader because:

a) people (wrongly) consider him the reason Bush got elected
b) everyone wants Bush out of office
c) he doesn't seem to have an agenda this time around. He's not running under the Green Party, which is the strongest 3rd Party candidate, so his public exposure will be slim to none.
Bush ignoring it aside, I've yet to see them present any actual scientific data backing up their claim that this could happen in such a short period of time without some sort of catastrophic catalyst. Even though there appears to be evidence of such an occurrence some 8000 years ago, there is still very little known about what brought it on so quickly or much evidence to show that the pattern is repeating.

These same scientist have been making these claims for a couple of decades now, and I find it interesting how it always comes back up around election time. I have no real love or hate for any of the current parties, but it does piss me off when politics influences science.

Yeah, it could maybe, possibly, if-the-demon-stars-align happen. Fine. Make your war plans around the possible scenario. But don't use it has political fuel. It just seems wrong. It's like saying "There are huge meteors out there hurdling towards earth and the president isn't doing a damn thing about it!! Give us a leader who will admit to our impending doom and draft Bruce Willis to go kick some meteor ass!!". That's just as true, but at the same time a bit absurd in a political argument.
Wait, you mean Bruce Willis is NOT currently being deployed to take care of this?

Oh, man, now I'm really pissed.
I know. At least we have Steve Guttenberg fighting the crime and Jeff Goldblum working on that pesky alien problem. That should hold us until 2008 at least.